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WELCOME to the Pechervsky Method. AI PRO: Advanced Training. Discover Image Generation with AI. PROFESSIONAL TRAINING JOURNEY IN GENERATIVE ART WITH #MIDJOURNEY. In 12 modules. Made by professionals, designed for everyone, both curious beginners and seasoned professionals. GOALS: What will you achieve with this Workshp? From learning the fundamentals of photography to mastering advanced AI techniques, this course will equip you with the tools necessary to create images that captivate your audience. Additionally, you will explore how to use AI to generate infinite photographic stock, adapted to your own concepts and personal brand. Learn to master Midjourney so your images reflect your personal artistic vision. ADDRESSED TO: Creatives, Screenwriters, Art Directors, Directors of Photography, Producers and Students. This Workshop is taught in a combined online and personalized mode, with a total of 12 modules that you will complete progressively. BEAT AI WITH YOUR OWN IMAGES. Develop a photographic vision to guide the creation of generative images. DESCRIPTION:: Generative Imaging Training: In the Pechervsky Method, we offer a realistic and proven approach to generative imaging. Start with photography as a foundation to develop a unique photographic vision. PROFESSIONALS IN ACTION: The journey is developed by active audiovisual sector experts, ensuring a professional and specialized approach in the use of the #Midjourney tool, guiding you towards achieving significant results. BOOST CREATIVITY: Midjourney stands out for its ability to use your own photographs, drawings and illustrations as a starting point. This stimulates your creativity and allows you


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