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"The Pechervsky Method is the testimony of my experience of more than 30 years as a professional photographer and a practical guide for those who wish to follow their own path in the world of photography."

                                    Facundo Pechervsky

Pure Photography:


For me, photography is not just a profession, it is a way of life.

Through my lens and with my vast experience, I want to share my vision with you.

This method is much more than a photography workshop, it is a fundamental guide for all lovers of photography.

I share my knowledge with an innovative approach, offering concrete and easy-to-use tools and techniques that I apply daily in my professional work.

You will learn that photography can be both a personal passion and a career.

Organized in a simple way and full of "shortcuts", these workshops provide strategies to take your photographic practice to the next level.

You can participate with any type of camera: DSLR, mirrorless, smartphone or analog.

Discover a reality of infinite visual opportunities with the help of artificial intelligence.

Midjourney - IA 

The method is a clear and structured path towards one goal: mastering AI and making it your ally.

In the Pechervsky method, the first rule is to use your own photographs as a basis. Without a real photograph, there is no quality generated image.

It is aimed at photographers, creatives, scriptwriters, art directors, photography directors, producers and marketing and internal communication areas.

Develop your photographic vision to guide generative image creation. The Pechervsky method teaches you that to get the best results with generative art, you should start with photography.


Train your eyes and use your own material to inspire AI creativity.

Why choose Midjourney?

Midjourney is the standard in generative creation. It allows you to use your own images as a starting point, teaching the AI your preferences and achieving unique results.

Benefits: Take control of Midjourney with your images, develop a unique artistic perspective and apply what you learn in photographic, advertising and audiovisual projects.

Our Generative Art Training Program with Midjourney combines the foundation of photography with AI technology to boost your creativity and achieve stable, publish-ready images.


CHE PIBE Server for Image Generation with Midjourney:

​CHE PIBE is our specialized server, pre-trained on Midjourney, with more than 35,000 images, designed to facilitate image generation workshops with Artificial Intelligence .

With your personalized license, you can take full advantage of this expertly optimized environment, which efficiently interprets commands with photographic parameters.