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"The Pechervsky Method is a testament to my over 30 years of experience as a professional photographer and a practical guide for those who wish to forge their own path in the world of photography."

Facundo Pechervsky (Buenos Aires, 1973)

I live in Madrid.

My journey into the world of photography began from the bottom, literally sweeping a photo studio floor. At 16 years old, I started dreaming of becoming a photographer, and the idea captivated me. Over time, that passion became my path, allowing me to explore new perspectives and tell unique stories with my camera.

My career in photography has been a constant learning experience. I worked in press for a major newspaper, where I learned the complexities of photojournalism, from portraying VIP characters in minutes to solving real-time challenges, such as covering football matches or photographing musicians and politicians at press conferences. Photojournalism was my best visual training school.

Today, I have the privilege of collaborating as a photographer with major brands in their marketing and advertising departments, as well as taking care of their corporate image. My commitment is to continue growing and exploring new technologies and creative approaches to tell striking visual stories.


As an instructor, I have had the opportunity to share my knowledge with hundreds of students around the world throughout my career, collaborating with various educational institutions. My desire is to convey everything I have learned in a straightforward, simple, and accessible way.

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