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Tailored to: 

Creatives, screenwriters, art directors, directors of photography, producers, and advanced students.


Master AI By Building On Your Existing Images

Develop a photographic vision to guide generative image creation.


Struggling to achieve the results you expect from generative art apps? The Pechervsky Method offers a realistic, proven solution: start with photography. Hone your perspective and leverage your existing materials to steer AI toward your creative goals.

Why Midjourney?

Midjourney brings generative tools what Photoshop achieved for photo editing: an industry standard. While alternatives exist, none offer Midjourney’s combination of comprehensive features and unparalleled image quality. Its true power lies in the ability to utilize your photographs, drawings, and illustrations as the starting point - training the AI on your aesthetic preferences to deliver truly customized, unmatched outcomes.


• Master Midjourney to align outcomes with your images, not just its algorithm

• Elevate a personal artistic perspective through your photos

• Apply learnings to real photography, advertising, and audiovisual projects.


Generative Art Training with Midjourney

Module 1 - Your Vision Guides Midjourney

Get started utilizing your photographic materials as the base for AI image generation. Become familiar with Midjourney and basic commands.

Module 2 - Develop Your Unique Visual Signature

Learn just how much AI influence you want over image outputs. Gain working knowledge of all core commands and functions to create inimitable imagery.

 Module 3 - AI, Advertising & Creativity

 Achieve intermediate-advanced mastery of Midjourney capabilities. Discover integrating ChatGPT into workflows to generate photo-realistic results rivaling stock image quality.

Module 4 - AI and Audiovisual Project Pitches

Capstone module covering full functionalities. Generate frames, illustration concept art, and modify generated image faces - essentials for compelling pitches.

Customizable program durations and schedules.



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