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CHE PIBE Server for Image Generation with Midjourney.

CHE PIBE is a specialized Midjourney server, pre-trained with more than 35,000 images, designed to facilitate image generation workshops with Artificial Intelligence.


With your personalized license, you will be able to take full advantage of this environment optimized by experts, which efficiently interprets your commands.

Using Midjourney is not a complex process, but it does require knowledge of certain steps necessary to access the platform and start generating images.

Create an account in the Discord application

To be able to access Midjourney it is necessary to have a Discord application account, so you must access its website and complete the entire registration process until you have a username and valid password.

Discord is an online community management platform that provides interesting tools such as conversation rooms, chats.

2. Join the Midjourney Beta

After obtaining your Discord login credentials, visit the Midjourney website and select the "Join the Beta" option, where you will need to enter your Discord information to access the image generation platform.

3. Access the Platform

On the Discord platform, select one of the channels or servers named "CHE PIBE," where users with an INVITATION AND LICENSE can start generating images.



After joining the Midjourney beta on Discord, follow these steps:

  • You will receive an email from the organization with your direct access credentials to the CHE Pibe server, for example,

  • This license will grant you unlimited access to all full server features for one month or as long as you decide. We have monthly subscription packs, about which we will inform you in due course.

  • On the Discord platform, select the channel or server named "CHE PIBE." Here, users with an invitation and license can start generating images.

  • CHE Pibe is a Midjourney pre-trained server with over 35,000 images, designed specifically to facilitate participation in workshops.

  • It has been trained by experts and can quickly interpret and execute photographic orders professionally, understanding commands with photographic parameters.

  • This environment provides an efficient experience for learning and practicing image generation with Midjourney.

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